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Microwave Products

Millimetre-Wave Down Converter Assembly (MDA)

The MDA is capable of processing pulsed and CW microwave signals in the 18-40 GHz range to provide a common output for later processing. The MDA’s primary function is to amplify signals in this frequency range and convert them to a 4-18 GHz baseband output.

Built In Test (BITE) function is available to provide a go / no-go output result. This makes it ideal for use as a frequency coverage extender for existing systems.

All required high frequency local oscillator tones are generated internally from an external 1 GHz (100 MHz option) reference signal. Frequency multipliers for LO tone generation means that the phase noise tracks that of the external reference.


  • 18-40GHz coverage in two bands
  • Modular construction with high level of integration in each sub-assembly
  • Amplifiers, downconverter, switched filters, LO sub-system and BITE in a single, compact package
  • State-of-the-art technology
Millimetre-Wave Down Converter