Microwave Products 

Our microwave products include frequency converters, local oscillator systems, switched filters and amplifiers. L3 Micreo produces an increasing range of wideband products and custom designs for use in Radar and EW systems. These products are typically qualified for airborne use, operating over a -54C to +95C temperature range and extreme levels of vibration and mechanical shock.


Optical Products

L3 Micreo has developed custom optical products used in EW systems and in cases where the coaxial cable losses at frequencies up to 40 GHz need to be avoided. The benefits of lower weight, easier installation and better EMC/EMI performance are causing many customers to introduce optical links.


Build to Print 

L3 Micreo has completed a number of build-to-print contracts in cases where specialised skills and facilities are needed, often with a rapid response to enable the fast deployment of products.

Our Products